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[15 Oct 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well i just got home a few mins ago from doin sum baby shoppin with my mom n david! it was fun,got sum boboz,blanket,more washclothes,cushion for the tub,an yea thats it for now,still gotta get hooded towles,baby wash,lotion stuff like that! an i need to get his costume soon they have a lil tiger but not in his size:( so he might be a lil devil!! lol its cute its like a onesie with a hood with horns! an on the front it says my lil devil! lol too cute! but yea toysrus got the stroller n i still need the playpen thats next week though,he better fukin get it for me! lol then we went to wendys an david got my mom a coffee n me a frosty so sweet (for once) lol an 2morrow i think we gunna go to the farmers market early n then go to target,but david gotta get his car done:( an he wanna go by 12 but we gotta go early to the farmers market so i dunno we will see unless we go to target right after the farmers market then i can take him to get his car done,lol,idk .but soon this baby will be here n i cant wait i cant wait to bring him home ...neways i must go look n see wat pm got on sale for my lil one...

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[08 Oct 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i swear people act so fukin retarted!!! specially david! yup problems yet again..i remember last time we got into an argument i didnt talk to him for a month! erica knows cuz shes been there an just bout the only person who ever is! and i cant get intouch with her for sum reason:( so this sux...i been in a bad mood like all week an no sign of erica no sign of neen i cant beleive it! i know at least erica will get intouch with me sumhow ....and right now im having pains bad...an i think it was cuz i got pissed at this stupid lady who made a comment out the window cuz i kicked MY DOG lol i called the slut out an she stayed shut! wtf its my dog i dont want him choking on a fukin chicken bone an dying! ..anyways...i dont even know if im gunna even bother to talk to david cuz of how fukin stupid hes being! last weekend he didnt wanna even get the dresser for the baby-that pissed me off more than anything!!!!! he would rather get his son a fukin used/old ass dresser while he buys BRAND NEW RIMS !!! nice huh?? then the other stuff we need for the baby is at toysrus an the coupons are only good till sunday!!! an i dont even wanna talk to him but we need this stuff for him,so i dunno wat to do....but even if i do tell him i will probably hear"im broke" as usual! nothin ever fukin new with him the same fukin stroy! if i had a job/money he would have had everything but nooooooooooooo ...an another thing last weekend he went n got jasabel fukin xmas gifts an his son 2outfits! big fukin deal...he dont need clothes! he keeps gettin clothes an nowhere to put them in wtf! does he not see that??? so i cleane dout 3 of my drawers an put his stuff in there and while i did that david asked me if i was mad that he aint get a dresser!!! umm mhello wtf do u think!?!?!? i said NO ...omg i swear i cant stand him ,it seems the longer i am around him the dumber he gets,i know it sounds bad but wtf ur 25 not 13...my brother n law has dont more for me than david ever has or ever will! berto works 2jobs to supposrt his fam an never once complains! david works one an fukin complains id liek to tell him to fukin get 2 jobs an stop buy his daughter gifts when she dont even need them...wtf she dont even go to school! cuz of her stupid mexican mother who is a stupid bitch! come on now u got a brand new kid comin into this world an u fukin favor ur daughter over him...plz im not sayin he cant buy her shit but since he took 4ever to buy the stuff his son should be the first thing on his mind an gettin what he needs not buyin stupid toys that she plays with once! ugh! i cant stand it nemore...an these pains are gettin bad i need to fukin stop stressin b4 i die oneday...

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[05 Oct 2004|09:26am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ok i fukin hate ppl...specially ppl from fukin medicaide! they fukin should suk eachother off till they cant cum nemore!,lol,this bitch that handles my case for pcap is sucha fukin bitch!,yesterday i went to the docs an the clinic is tellin me that i no longer have medicaide,ut off,no more,thats it!!!! so i told her i got sumthin from a yonkers office to recertify and that i would call them once i got home,...so she told me i hadda get it done b4 i give birth! so i started buggin out! like wtf hello??? wat are these ppl doing? so i get home an start watching mean girls with pooh and eventually i fell asleep so therefore i didnt get a chance to call till 4:30 an the bitch has yet to call me back,so my mom called for me this morning and the bitch aint pick up! so my mom called the yonkers office an they seem to know what they r talkin bout an told her i needed a new card! not one from when i was like 7yrs old,these ppl in mount vernon are just beyond stupid thats what it comes down to! but according to the other ppl in main offices my medicaide is fine! its just when i go to the docs. i dunno i cant stand dealing with these ppl anymore. i just cant wait to get a job an get me an my kid off this stupid bullshit! ...
then hsbc never sent my damn pin# and i wanna close my fukin account already,not like im using it! so,im gunna call the other number an make them give it to me,dont care what they gotta do to fukin get it.
i just cant beleive how stupid ppl can be it fukin amazes me!.
and this fukin weekend david HAS to get whatever else we need from toyrus cuz them coupons expire the 10th of this month! so if he dont do it then guess wat im gunna make him pay full price for everything,im tired of this shit where he gotta buy his fukin dauighter shit all the fukin time,we cant go buy stuff just for the baby,he always gotta buy her sumthin,im pickin shit out and she come back with a fukin 25$ toy that she will play with once! and these next couple of weeks are gunna have to be just bout the baby,then he complains hes broke ...well fukin guess what U DONT NEED TO BUY HER SHIT,first she aint goin to school,an what does a ukin 5yr old need a damn toy or clothes every fukin weekend???...an wtf she dont need anything,i hadda make room in my dresser for my babys clothes since he "didnt have money" once again...shit if i had fukin money my son would have whatever he needed by now,david always sayin he knows how it is to have a kid bla bla no u dont sweety i fukin spent more money on my neice b4 she was even born than he ever did on his daughter an larissa only 2yrs old! so basically i did buy more stuff for the baby than david did lol,i luv it! but i think he still got alot of growin up to do,i dont think he was ready for ANOTHER kid,but we will see how stand up he is right!...anyways i dunno what im doin today ,i do know i need gas,and call the bank ppl ..i need to relax an just take it easyi wanna go to target but i dunno im kinda tired..ill see..let me go scooby is locked in my room!

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[14 Sep 2004|02:00am]
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snickers is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [16 Aug 2004|11:10am]
well looks liek another day of rainnnnnnnnnnnn as usual...i have to hurry cuz i need to get dressed and go take poooh head to work an i hope it dont rain till laterz cuz i dont wanna get stuk in the rain with the kids...right now im on a snickers rush i had 4 for breakfast,lol i know thats not good but there the lil snack size ones lol its almost 11:30 an i should be gettin ready pooh gotta be there at 1 (1-5) not bad but still wish she wouldnt go in..but she aint goin in wednesday so yay fuk stop n shop hehehehe...i swear my mother must not listen to anything i say she must be slow or sumthin cuz i explain myself at leats 400 times a day to her ..when i went to the clinic they say i have different coverage i have not had united health care for 2yrs! hello!!!!!!!! im fukin 20 now,an its not event he same name an hasnt been for 2yrs the lady says so wtf is goin on i called managed health care an they said i dont have any other coverage but this one so im so fukin annoyed right now i told her everything so she can deal with it cuz i get pissed too easliy an i start to get my attitude with these stupid ppl,dont they know what they are doing? how do they get jobs if they are fukin stupid and dont know shit??? if that was me i would be fired an written up an all that good stuff ...wow great its rainin an im annoyed an when im annoyed i like to drive fast n cut ppl off lol but i cant do that when its rainin an when i got the kids so it kinda sux,lol,but yea i gotta stop that too,an pretty soon i wont b able to drive cuz i shouldnt be drivin,plus i dont think ill b able to fit in the seat belt lolz but its gunna b ok as erica says lol neways im gunna go get dressed an get ready cuz it will take me awhile to get ready gotta find sumthin to wear -sumthin that actually fits!!! so ill update later..
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[15 Aug 2004|07:35pm]
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